Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Family History TuesdayZ | Falling in Love

Journaling Prompt: 
Describe when you knew 
your spouse was the one 
or how you fell in love.

My Personal Journaling:
I met my husband in January of 1998. I was in college and my husband's best friend was dating one of my roommates. He came over to find his friend and we met. I feel bad, but I don't actually remember the exact meeting. He does and for him he was interested in me from the get-go. I guess I made it a little hard for him and he took the next few weeks to try and grab my attention - coming over to our apartment, fixing things, etc. Finally he just asked me out and I was so surprised. I was so naive. I'd never had a boy like me before and it actually was a little overwhelming and I didn't know how to react. But eventually, I calmed down and within 2 weeks of our first date, we had our first kiss after spending just about every day together. The next 2 weeks after that, was filled with getting to know each other - a lot of talking and movie watching and just spending time together. And when about a month after our first date, Joey blurted out "Will you marry me?" (when we were dancing) - I said, "Yes." Of course it was like a year and a half later after we had dated a lot that the official proposal happened and we got married. But that night a month after we started dating - I KNEW. He really "got me." He knew how to make me laugh. We were both kind of home bodies and loved movies, books, and computers. He was so cute. He was really interested in ME - all of me. He made me feel good about myself. We were FRIENDS too. We loved being together. He wanted the same life as I wanted - to be married in the temple, to raise our family together..... We truly LOVED each other.

And I'm happy we still do.

Each Tuesday, I am going to be offering prompts or ideas. If you don't write in your journal regularly - I am going to encourage you to write just ONCE A WEEK and answer the question/idea that I give on Tuesdays. These ideas hopefully will spark a memory and you will be able to capture that in what you write/record so that it can be left for your children/grandchildren/family/friends. Give as much detail as you can when answering.

Will you do this for me? Will you do this for your families? You can write it down in a journal, you can type it up on a computer or journaling software, you can take a recorder and talk, you can videotape your answers, you can even scrap a page with the journaling. It doesn't matter how you do this - it's just important that you do it. The memories, the dates, the information is the only real thing we can leave to our families when we are gone.

If I come up with other family history ideas - I will be sure to share it here too - and if you want to share with me your ideas - that would be wonderful and I'd be glad to share them here too. Just comment here or email me at dedesmith32@gmail.com.

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