Thursday, September 25, 2014

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GerberLife Grow-up Plan

Gerber Life Insurance

Give your child an advantage for life!

When I was first married, I had no idea the responsibility that a grown-up truly has. I didn't realize that there would be SO MUCH to worry about and so many important things to take care of, like insurance and retirement plans. I had no idea things could get so complicated. As a married couple, we were thinking about life insurance and protecting our little family. Making the right financial decisions is always hard and continues to be hard for me, but I do believe in having insurance and being able to protect your family when hard times come.

So when I did have my first child and when I saw the Gerber Life Grow-up Plan, I thought it definitely looked interesting. I really liked that it was a WHOLE LIFE policy and that as long as you kept up with the relatively low payments, your child could have that insurance for life. I figured, why not and went ahead and signed up. It has been a pleasant experience since and I signed up my daughter when she was born as well. So now, I have 2 policies and I don't regret it at all. My thought is that I will continue paying for their insurance until they are married (or out of the house) and then I will hand it over to them and they can continue with it as they wish. It is nice to know that I have that protection for them and for us as a family.

Free Child Safety ID Kit from GerberLife!
I also enjoy the little benefits that they offer!
You can get a FREE Child Safety ID Kit right now.
Of course, you hope you will never need it, but it's better safe than sorry.....

Some of the things I love about Gerber Life:
* Great Rates
* Easy Online Payments
* Great Customer Service
* Protection for my kids for their whole life

So I encourage you to look into this insurance for your family. I hope it is something that will work for you as well as it is working for me!

This product is DeDe Approved!
Disclosure: I personally purchase this service for both of my children and my opinions are my own. I have become an affiliate of this company, by my own choice and will receive compensation if you use the link(s) above to purchase this product.

This product is DeDe APPROVED and I highly recommend it!

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