Sunday, August 26, 2012

Life 2012 | Moving Cows

I'm finally getting to blog about our annual trip to Bull Rush (my family's land on the Arizona Strip). I remember that growing up this was always something I looked forward to. Every year in the first part of June, we would head out to the Arizona Strip for the week to move our cows to the summer range at Sink Valley (my family's ranch near Alton, Utah). It is always a time of work, play, talks by the fire, and great family memories.

I'm so happy that my kids have had the chance to experience this special time. Even though, my kids are what my daughter calls "city kids," I grew up a country girl and I'm glad that I'm able to give my kids just a little part of the country life.  Sometimes I long to go back and live in my small town and raise my children the way I was raised. But things are different now and even if we could go back - it just wouldn't be the same. But at least a couple of times a year they get to spend time with the family at the ranch and I hope that it will still be something that they will have so many great memories of - the way I do.

We left Orem in the afternoon on Sunday, June 3rd. I was sad that Joey couldn't come with us, but one of these years I hope he can use his vacation time to go with us! We got to Bull Rush before dark and I was really glad "Toothless," our old mini-van made the trip across the rough dirt/gravel road. It was good to see all the family-including many of the Harris Family (cousins on the Sorensen side of the family) that I hadn't talked to in awhile. I love that people will come out and help! We slept in the van that night, since my parents occupied the house. It was not the easiest night - pretty uncomfortable, but we survived. The rest of the nights - my parents slept at Sink Valley after hauling a load of cows - so we got the house. The Harris Family and my sister Kori's family had nice trailers to stay in and many of the kids slept out on the springs around the house. It was quite the camp!

The next several days were spent gathering up cows, branding the calves, teaching my kids to ride a horse on their own, exploring, and lots of memories. I got to pick up my old job of vaccinating the calves during branding and my kids got to come and help me. The kids had such a great time playing with their cousins and getting dirty. It was definitely really hot too - and that is not my favorite part of being out on the Strip.  I was able to spend a lot of time with Kori - and it was really fun catching up with her and I really enjoyed the nightly cook-outs and just being together.  I enjoyed connecting with my little nephew, Dustin who is just growing up so fast.  One night - the kids and I sat and watched a big moon rise and it was an amazing experience. The land out on the strip is so flat and stretches out for miles and so watching the moon come up from the far distant mountains is just really neat. It was fun to see the gorgeous sunsets that are always present out there too. 

Unfortunately, it has been an extremely dry year and so the cows suffered quite a bit. Many of the cows ended up missing and later we discovered that several died trying to get down a canyon to water. We really really need rain. We did take a trip and hike to the canyon to see if we could find the cows and the kids enjoyed looking off into the "big ditch."

Beth had the chance on to go with her grandparents on the Peterbilt to Sink Valley on one of the trips and she spent the night there. She loved having all the attention from the grandparents and Uncle Clint and the much cooler air at Sink Valley. She especially loved playing in the treehouse and hanging out with her pal, Smokey the dog!

For the weekend, we ditched out on the final couple of days trying to search for missing cows and headed off to cooler weather to Sink Valley. We went to Orderville first and showered. It felt so good! Then we spent the night at Sink Valley and it was fun to visit and be with my parents. We loved having a cook-out and we even watched a movie on Grandpa's old setup of an old tv with a vhs player and a car battery! 

The kids love playing on the tire swing, the treehouse, and the old farming equipment. 

JJ's favorite was riding on the old buggy that Grandpa has been building out of all different kinds of parts.

We left for home on Sunday, June 10th and it was good to get home and see Joey. We really missed him. It was a great week though and I hope that we are able to keep it a tradition for many years to come!

** Here's something ironic for you - we really did go to move cows, but it turns out that I didn't take any pictures of the cows! LOL

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