Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Magic - Parenting with Positive Guidance

I have just become a part of a Facebook Group that allows me to connect with other bloggers and it has brought about lots of new opportunities for me. I've really enjoyed rubbing shoulders with new friends and experienced bloggers and I look forward to being able to offer more to you-my readers. Yes, I'm primarily a digital scrapbook designer and that is what started my blog, but I'm really interested in making it more. Over the years, I have added new things to my blog and I've really enjoyed making it a place of diversity and I hope that all of you can join in and participate in the new things that I have coming to the blog! I always love to hear from you - so feel free to comment! I hope you keep coming back!

As a parent, most of the time I have no idea what I am doing. I love my kids and I love our time together. But personally, I have a hard time with "teaching." I've never been much of a teacher and to be honest, it scares me. I want my kids to get the most out of life and grow up to be good, clean, honest people. I want them to be respectful and friendly and I just want EVERYTHING for them. But I believe for that to happen - I do have to teach them through example and through spending the time talking to them and teaching them and responding to them. I know many times I get caught up in the daily struggles and the to-do lists and sometimes I forget to sit down and listen to my children and just give them positive reinforcement. So, I need help! In this miraculous world, we have so many opportunities to help us and I'm so excited to share about a fabulous e-course that shares the tools to help us guide our families in positive ways!

There's nothing magic about this course. This course isn’t about quick-fix gimmicks or short-term manipulation.  It isn't about perfecting parenthood or creating Stepford children.  

It's grounded in research, respected philosophy, and time-tested techniques.  It’s about strengthening relationships and guiding behavior in positive, effective ways. You'll learn about philosophy, practices, and tools that you can implement in your home immediately.

It’s the same philosophy and techniques used by professionals in the fields of early childhood education and child development, and it’s time those tools were shared with parents as well.

The links to course materials are sent out weekly-- about an hour of video each week, broken into 15-20 minute segments, as well as a discussion forum and links to more resources. 

So as our kids get back into school and as we find our way into routines and schedules, I'd like to encourage each of us to take the time to teach our children.  I know I definitely want to become a more positive parent and I am going to take this e-course and find the tools I need to make my home a happy, peaceful place to grow up!

* So if you would like to join this journey with me - please GO HERE and purchase the e-course from now until September 13th (when the course begins).  The course includes videos and tools, including the Parenting with Positive Guidance e-book.

* If you would just like to purchase the Parenting with Positive Guidance e-book - please GO HERE.

Make sure you go and check out Not So Cute. They have some great articles and wonderful ways to help each of us become a better positive parent.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Not So Cute. I have received an opportunity to join this course, as well as be an affiliate, but this did not influence my opinion.
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