Sunday, April 22, 2012

No more Magic...

So on Monday, we were at our "vacation home" (that's what my kids call our timeshare) - and I was in the kitchen but I could hear the kids whispering back and forth to each other. I wondered what was going on, but I figured I would find out soon enough.

A few minutes later, Beth came up to me, looking very serious. As usual, JJ was tagging along behind, and was just fine with Beth doing the talking. Beth said, "Mom, is the Easter Bunny real?"

I said, "What do you think?"

She said, "Well, I think he's not."

I looked into her beautiful blue eyes and saw how serious she was about it and there was sadness there and I just couldn't lie to her. "No, Princess, he's not real."

JJ piped in, "I knew that."

I gave Beth a hug and she asked one more question, "Santa isn't real either, is he?"

I said, "No, I'm sorry."

Beth said quietly, "So you and Dad are the ones who give us presents?"

"Yes, we are." I looked at both of my kids, "Are you guys okay?"

"I just wish they were real," Beth said.

"I know sweetheart, me too."

I gave them one more hug and that was it. They both seem okay with it and I think it went over better than I thought it would.

I'm actually kind of sad that "the magic" is over. It will be different now. I remember when I found out - I was 10 when my friends told me and I was so disappointed. I feel like "the magic" came back after I had kids. Of course we have always focused on the true meanings - The birth and the resurrection of the Savior - but still the other parts were fun too. I guess my kids are just growing up and its just way too fast for me.

When did you discover the secret?

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mommykinz said...

I think my daughter 11 knows but every attempt I make to let her talk about it is met with denial so I guess she just wants to believe a little longer. Can't complain about that.
I'm hoping when the time comes they'll want to help by filling stockings, hiding eggss....