Monday, March 9, 2015

Update on Origami Owl!

So I know this is my Design Blog, but it is so much more than that - this is where I share everything in my life. So I wanted to update you a bit on Origami Owl.

So I am an Origami Owl Designer and have been for about 9 months. I was really gung-ho there for a little while and then since the holidays and my Disneyland trip, I've kind of slacked off, but that doesn't mean that I don't still LOVE this jewelry and the true meaning behind the company!  This jewelry is truly SO meaningful and so easy to customize it for you. It's a way to cherish your memories and hold the things that you love close to you. It's a way to share with the world the things that are most important to you and to just really show who YOU are!

So there are a few new things that I'd love to share with you!  First of all, if any of you are interested in becoming a designer yourself - I'd love to talk with you.  You can email me at anytime!  Designers have been only in the U.S. since the company started, but they recently opened it up to Canada! So if you are in Canada, I'd love to sponsor you! Let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do for you!

One of the newest releases that I am so thrilled about is our new in{script}ions! It's a fabulous way to truly customize your jewelry and add words and names and sayings that are most important to you to your jewelry!

And I can't believe it - but Spring is coming and so are the new Take Out Menus (catalogs) - filled with new charms and new ways to share your life with your jewelry! I'd love to send you a catalog! If you are interested, make sure you send me an email! (!  Come check out my site and see all the ways that you can create your locket!

And one last thing - if you are interested in being a hostess - I'd love to be your designer!  If you live in Utah, we could arrange to host a jewelry bar in your home - or if you are outside of Utah or would rather not host in your home - we could do an online jewelry bar or just a catalog sale!  Please let me know - its such a fun way to get together with your friends and to share this jewelry! Plus as hostess you can earn FREE jewelry!

Check out this awesome Hostess Exclusive you could earn!

Thanks for letting me share with you today!  
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