Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Magic | Do you Plan?

I am a planner. I'm not spontaneous and prefer to plan things to the last minute. That is not saying that I'm always organized, because most of the time my life is chaos, but I always feel better and my life really goes better, if I am planned and organized. And there's nothing in the world, like checking off something on your list - right?

When I was in high school, I was the one with the Franklin Planner always with me.  I took that to college and even the first few years of my marriage - I was all about my planner. Everything had to be in it! 

Now, I am definitely a DIGITAL girl and still like planning, but it all has to be digital. I don't want a physical thing - I want everything in a folder in digital docs that I can change or even better - APPS! I have apps for to do lists, grocery lists, my calendar, just about everything.

BUT, I'm still intrigued about planners. Nowadays there are a ton of printable pages that help you to create your own Personal/Family/Work Planner. I go back and forth about it and have so far just stayed with my organization apps on my phone and tablet. 

There is a blog that I read - Thirty Handmade Days - and she has a whole series with printable pages for a family binder that I love.  My favorite is her printable grids that use interchangeable Post-Its to add her goals for the week and a weekly menu! I love the whole idea - its so fun, colorful, and so easy to just have in the front of your planner.

I'm even thinking of printing this out and somehow hanging it on my organizational wall (where I have my family calendar) - and just change out the post-its every week. Not sure what I'm going to do yet, but its just so functional that I totally want to use it outside of the planner interface. Once I figure it out, I'll definitely have to show you pictures! If you have an idea - please share.

So do you plan?  What do you think of this awesome Post-It idea?

Each Monday (that doesn't have a new release), I am going to be offering a little Magic to start your week. It might be a fun idea, some inspiration, a tutorial, or just sharing some thoughts - Whatever I feel like! So come back and share your thoughts too!

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