Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Family History TuesdayZ | Historical Event

Here is this week's journal prompt :

My Memories :
I can think of a few things that are definitely history-making events, but the one that I think of the most is September 11, 2011.  I don’t really have the words to express how I feel about this day.  I was pregnant with my first baby and really sick. I was laying on the couch and decided to turn on the tv and there it was. Terrorists attacking my country.  Such tragedy. The one thing I do remember is completely loving the way our country came together. I hated that we had to have a tragedy to come together that way, but so glad that even if it was only for a little while - that we all came together - it didn’t matter who we were, we were Americans and it brought us all together. I hope that we can find that again as a country. That we will remember. I I hope we all remember not to judge one another - we all have our struggles, our weaknesses, and we do have our strengths. Let’s remember that we are all children of our Heavenly Father and we should just love each other for who we are. I’m so grateful to those who serve our country and I hope we all can make it better every day.

Each Tuesday, I am going to be offering prompts or ideas. If you don't write in your journal regularly - I am going to encourage you to write just ONCE A WEEK and answer the question/idea that I give on Tuesdays. These ideas hopefully will spark a memory and you will be able to capture that in what you write/record so that it can be left for your children/grandchildren/family/friends. Give as much detail as you can when answering.

Will you do this for me? Will you do this for your families? You can write it down in a journal, you can type it up on a computer or journaling software, you can take a recorder and talk, you can videotape your answers, you can even scrap a page with the journaling. It doesn't matter how you do this - it's just important that you do it. The memories, the dates, the information is the only real thing we can leave to our families when we are gone.

If I come up with other family history ideas - I will be sure to share it here too - and if you want to share with me your ideas - that would be wonderful and I'd be glad to share them here too. Just comment here or email me at dedesmith32@gmail.com.

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