Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Story@Home Conference

I am so excited to have some time to myself this weekend. Tomorrow night I get to head off on my adventure to the Story@Home Conference. I have been hearing about it for awhile and really wanting to go, but I figured that we wouldn't have the money to do it or it would just not work out, so I kept it to myself. About a month ago, in a moment of weakness, I commented to Joey how I wished I could go. He looked at me and said, "Why can't you?" I mentioned the money and other things and he just said, "You should go." And so I got registered and even though its only an hour away in Salt Lake City and I could drive home at night - I'm lucky enough to have a hotel room for 2 nights. I have a wonderful husband and I'm feeling extremely blessed. The kids are calling it my "Mommy Vacation" and I guess it is. I'm really blessed to have a couple of days to just learn and grow through the conference and have time to think and just hopefully rejuvenate my spirit. I think this is going to be just what I needed to get over the funk I'm in right now.

So all week, I've actually stayed away from the computer. I've been planning and organizing. Shopping and cleaning and just getting the household ready to have me gone. I realize I'll only be gone for 2 days, but somehow I will feel better if I feel its all left in control. I just have a couple of things to finish up and get packed and then tomorrow after work, Joey is going to drop me off at the Trax station and I'll be on my way to my Mommy Vacation. I even got a cut and a few highlights put in my hair today. I'm extremely blessed!

I just have to again say thank you to my wonderful husband. Joey is planning on working from home on Friday so he can get the kids off to school and be there when they return home. I'm sure they are going to have a blast while I'm gone. Joey has been so amazing about this - really wanting me to go and making it work. I just feel really blessed and thankful that I'm going to have this time. Because really - how often does time away happen? Hardly ever...

So, there will be no Challenge this Saturday, but I'll have something for you next week! I hope you all have a great weekend! I'm sure I'll have lots to share later on!

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Natalie said...

Have a great time!!!