Wednesday, February 1, 2012

For Claire

A few weeks ago, Becky Higgins on her site shared the story of a family friend named Claire and her family. In trying to help the family, Becky has opened up her blog to advertising for the first time. All of the advertising money goes to Claire's family. I was so incredibly touched by Claire's story and just happened to have a little extra money this month and I was able to purchase a small ad.

Today was the first day that the ads appeared on Becky's site. I would incourage you to go to and read Claire's story and also check out the wonderful sponsors that have made it possible for Claire and her family to move forward. I'm excited that I was able to donate the small amount that I could to her family.

** And to be honest, its really a bit selfish too. Because, I'm pretty excited to actually have an ad on Becky Higgins site - I mean pretty cool right?

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