Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 Blog Schedule

Can it possibly be February already? Where did January go? Crazy life isn't it?

Anyways, I am finally getting things together. Sorry about my disappearance in January. Life happened. Depression happened. But hopefully I am on the mend and coming back. I am really looking forward to finding joy in creating again and to be back on a schedule!

Speaking of schedules....I have one worked out for my blog. It's mostly the same as last year - but just for your information, I thought I would share!

Sundays - I am not doing Project 365 this year. I just needed a little break. Hopefully I can do it next year. But I would still like to share a little bit about my personal life on Sundays. So there will hopefully be a posting with photos of something that happened or is happening in my family.

Mondays - This will still be my New Release Day and Show-OffZ Challenge posting. When I don't have a new release ready - I'm going to try to share something with you - a tutorial, an idea, etc.

Tuesdays - This is still going to be my Family History Tuesdays. I am currently going to continue to offer prompts for your journal writing - but I want to also try to bring other family history ideas in. We'll see what I come up with.

Wednesdays - This is still going to be my quote/saying day. Just sharing some little inspiration for you!

Thursdays - This is my recipe sharing day!

Fridays - High/Low and a Freebie

Saturdays - This is when I will share the layouts for the Show-OffZ Challenge. If I don't have a Show-OffZ Challenge during the week - I'm going to offer some other kind of challenge - including directing you to my Facebook Page for some challenges!

What do you think? I hope you will follow me this year and I would love for you to participate! Here's to a fabulous new year (yea, I'm a month late, but whatever!) Love you all!

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