Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blogger Meet & Greet

I was reading through my daily blogs on Google Reader this afternoon and came upon this:

I was feeling a little stir crazy and thought it would be awesome to just get out of the house. So I called up my dear hubby and said, "Do you think you could be home by 6 tonight?" Which, being the good husband that he said, "Sure." And so I stuck dinner in the oven, got the kids to do their homework and set out their clothes for tomorrow and then when he got home, I jumped in the car and headed to SOEL. I've never actually been there before - actually I have never even stepped foot in any of the shops @ Riverwoods so I was glad for the opportunity. It was a fun little boutique and looks like a great mall that I will have to go to more.

The place was packed full, but I was one of the first 50 people there so I got a little treat at the door. They had drinks and great snacks and door prizes and all sorts of fun. It was fun to hear all the people laughing and enjoying one another. Bloggers are just great people. I met a few new people and was able to hand out my little business cards and that was fun. My most excitement was meeting Jane and Liz. They are the 2 blogs that I follow that talked about this event. I admit that I'm a bit shy when it comes to things like this and I know if I was more outgoing that I could meet more people and get my name out more, but I enjoy just being in the background. I did run into Kaye and that was fun - she is such an amazing person and I always enjoy talking to her.

So I was only gone about an hour and a half, and was in time to tuck the kiddos into bed. It was a nice little break from being in the house all the time. Sometimes doing something impromptu and out of the ordinary is a really good thing and I think that this definitely applies!

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Breeoxd said...

good for you! it's nice to get out!

Sue said...

Sounds like fun.

Some of my bloggy friends are getting together for dinner in March. I have never met them before.