Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beth's Fortune Cookie

Sometimes my children really amaze me. The little things that they say and remember can be so sweet and inspiring. It reminds me that I need to pay attention more. I get carried away in "all the things I need to do" and forget about living now - in the present. My kids keep growing up and sometimes I worry that I'm missing it. Balance is something that I truly dream of, but as much as I try to make it happen, I just can't quite grasp it. How do you slow down and appreciate life? How do you simplify when you want to be able to do so much? I guess that's one of life's hardships and hopefully I will learn a little at a time and become more balanced. It seems like when I concentrate on doing better in one area that the rest of the areas in my life are neglected. I just can't seem to find that perfect balance between it all. Remembering its a learning process and it requires some patience is a hard thing for me. KEEP MOVING FORWARD is something I need to constantly remember.

This actually happened back in October, so technically its a 2011 thing, but this week I came across a little note that I had jotted down about Beth's Day and I wanted to share it here so that it is a memory to not be forgotten. Once again I was reminded of capturing those little moments in life, whether by journaling, photos, or both.

From Monday, October 3, 2011:

Beth came home from school and said she had something to tell me. After she recited it, I just couldn't believe that she remembered it word-for-word. It was just so sweet. She had gotten a fortune cookie with her school lunch today and it said:

"Enjoy the lighter things in life, deeper joys will follow."

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