Sunday, March 20, 2011

Life 2011: Week 11

Monday, March 7, 2011

Rain is beautiful - but I haven't quite figured out the perfect way to capture it. I was pleasantly surprised to see this one after getting the pictures on my computer. I like the lighting and reflection of the trees in the rain.

Tuesday-Wednesday, March 8-9, 2011

Beth and I have been enjoying a blog that has some really cute hairstyles on it for girls. I am still not very good at doing hair - but when we see something that Beth likes, we have been trying to do it. Beth had the sound box this week and her letter was X. Not the easiest letter to find things for, but her teacher let us do Xs from any part of the word instead of just the start, so we filled the box. When I saw this hairstyle on the blog - I knew that I wanted to put X's in her hair for her sound box day and Beth enthuastically agreed!

As we were going to school on Tuesday - we found the van's battery completely dead. Joey was at work and I couldn't get a hold of him - so I wasn't able to get Beth to school. She was so disappointed since it was her show-and-tell day, but there just wasn't anything I could do. I also discovered that some lights inside the van were stuck on - and no matter what I did - I couldn't turn them off. So of course that was the cause of our dead battery. When Joey got home - we had to take the light bulbs out - we still don't know what else to do about it - and recharge the battery. But now, minus - some inside lights - we are good to go.

Thursday, March 10
, 2011

I just love the Toy Story movies and since Christmas (when the kids got their Woody/Jessie/Buzz/Bullseye toys), I can happily say that finding them around the house just puts a smile on my face. Of course the other toys drive me nuts when I find them scattered all over the house and not put away - but these ones just make me happy.

Friday, March 11, 2011

We finally found the cause of the leak in the kids bedroom. We have just been frustrated with it for months - but finally - we discovered that the leak was from the bathtub. Joey worked from home today and also was able to fix our leak. It is such a relief to have that taken care of!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Today Joey had his Constitution class all day. I slept in a bit which is always nice. The kids and I did a little shopping, I worked on some projects and worked on my Primary lesson, we did a little playing, Beth went to a birthday party, and we got to pick up our Girl Scout cookies at the fire station. We will have to start delivering all the cookies this week.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our trusty van has been with us since 2007. It's old and has taken some maintenance but for the time being its still going. Last weekend, my Dad helped us fix the van door so that it would pass inspection for another year and now its licensed until 2012 - its such a relief to have that done. Our van also has a name. Ever since the kids first saw - How to Train Your Dragon - the van has been known as "Toothless." The kids always imagine the van as being our own little dragon.

And here is my weekly layout:

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Daryl Iorio said...

Whoo-hoo! Kudos to Joey for finding out what was wrong and fixing that leak! After months of frustration, I bet you were so glad to finally show that leak who is boss! It’s so good that you’ve got someone around the house who can do handyman tasks easily, like fixing the plumbing problems. At least you know that your plumbing is well taken care of.