Thursday, February 24, 2011

Recipe Thursday - Potato Logs

Each Thursday, I am going to be sharing a recipe with you!I will pick a recipe from my collection and I will be sharing where I got the recipe and everything. But I am going to include my own photo of the finished food, the original recipe, and try and share the things I changed when I made it!

I would love your help too! If you have a great recipe, especially week-night dinner recipes (but I would love all kinds of recipes) - please share it with me, by emailing me at I will try it out and feature it on my blog! If you have cooking tips or anything else in regards to cooking and food - please email me!

This week's Recipe:
I was completely craving Potato Logs a few weeks ago. I was in a designing frenzy and up really late. Yea, so I caved on my resolution to eat less and of course not to eat so late too, but I needed to stay awake, so I decided to try and make these myself. So I improvised with what I have on hand - and sorry, I don't have exact measurements for you - you'll just have to figure it out! But I think they turned out great and my weight on the Wii Fit the next day will tell you that I liked them!

Potato Logs
by DeDe Smith

Potatoes, scrubbed with skins on
Olive Oil
Mrs. Dash
Italian Bread Crumbs
Seasoning Salt

Grated Cheese
Fry Sauce or Ranch Dressing

Cut potatoes in half - then cut each half into thirds (so that you have six wedges for each potato)

Put Olive oil, Mrs. Dash, Garlic, Seasoning Salt in a ziploc bag - then add potatoes. Mix potatoes in bag - until seasoning is on all potatoes.

Then add bread crumbs to the ziploc bag and again mix well.

Add a bit of olive oil to your cookie sheet Put on Cookie sheet in a single layer. Tip: Buy the non-stick aluminum foil and put it on your cookie sheet before adding the potatoes for a quick cleanup! I promise you will continue purchasing this foil - I love it!

Bake on 375 for 45-60 minutes. Top with Grated Cheese if desired.

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Cerise said...

Yum! Those look so good! Totally going to have to try them!

liz said...

Do you have any measurements? Would hate for it to turn out too salty, garlicky or oily...

dedesmith32 said...

Sorry Liz. When I made these - I just kind of threw it together. I cook a lot like that.

So really its kind of just to your taste. And just enough to cover the potatoes.

Sorry that I'm not much help.