Sunday, January 2, 2011


My one little word for 2011 is SIMPLIFY.

I have noticed that I have been getting so overwhelmed in my life - there is always too much to do and I'm always playing catch up. I can't seem to get ahead and I just can't find the balance that I so desperately want in my life. I've decided to make simplifying my life a big priority this year. I know there will be some setbacks, as there always is, but I want to find that at the end of 2011 - that I have organized my life so that I can enjoy the little moments more fully.

- I have used Google calendars on and off - but I'm going to start using them as my main calendar so that I can schedule all my family's activities right there where I can see it.

- Instead of being in a rush every night at bedtime - I am going to start spending 1-2 hours after the kids get home from school. In that hour, we will talk about their day, do their homework, do their chores, and set aside clothes for the next day. That way, all these little things don't get left until right before bedtime.

- Bedtime routine - Read some of the family book we are reading, scriptures, bathtime, Wii, and Bed

- I'm going to try and start getting up 1/2 hour earlier every day and so I can read my scriptures and say morning prayers on my own and also do preparing for my Sunday Primary lessons.

- I want to get back to reading the scriptures every night with my family

- On Sundays, I want to come up with 5 small lessons/scriptures/pictures that I can share with my family at bedtime during the week. I just want to share the gospel with the kids a little better.

- Move more and eat less

- Exercise with my new Wii Fit EVERY DAY

- Go to bed by 1am every day

- Drink more water

- Make teeth brushing a priority for my family

- Instead of trying to cram it all into one day - I have a schedule of getting one room a day (cleaned throughly), daily dishes, and a small daily pickup and so that by the end of the week all the major cleaning has been done. Scheduled into Google Calendar to keep track.

- Do laundry only twice a week! Completely wash, dry, and PUT AWAY the clothes

- This year I have lowered my crops down to 2 a month. I plan to get all the preparing of the crops done at the end of the previous month, so I am not doing it last minute

- The last week of the month will be dedicated to preparing for all crops/challenges/store assistant duties so that the other 3 weeks can be used for design time

- Instead of trying to release new products every week - I plan on shooting for 2 major releases a month.

- I'm going to be working on a better process about advertising and releasing my products. I want to simplify the process so it doesn't take so much time

- I also want a better process for my Creative Team - I need to work on this one

- I'm going to make scheduling posts on my blog a priority. If I can make sure I have 1-2 weeks of posts scheduled at a time it will cut back on my last minute preparing.

- Mondays - 2nd & 4th Mondays I'm going to try and have a new release with a Show-OffZ Challenge
Tuesdays - Family History Prompts
Wednesdays - Quotes
Thursdays - Recipes
Fridays - High/Low and Freebies
Saturday - Share the layouts from the Show-OffZ Challenges - 2nd & 4th Saturdays
Sundays - Life 365

- Stick with getting my Life 365 photos/journaling on my blog and then scrap a double-page layout every week

- In addition to getting the weekly Life 365 layout done - I want to try and get one more layout done a week.

- I am spending way too much time on these things. I am going to focus on spending only 1 hour in the morning or evening on these!

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Toucan Scraps said...

still looks like a busy schedule to me, make sure you get enough sleep and don't stress if you don't achieve everything.

I've done a lot of cutting back for this year too.

Enjoy your new Wii, and I hope you achieve your health goals

May you and yours be blessed, and find a real loving relationship with God this year.
from Angela

Stater said...

I agree with Angela 100% & I wish I had only 1/2 your energy. I think I need to set some goals & challenges for myself as well.

Here's hoping 2011 will be better for you & yours.


Sheri said...

I like your ideas. I'm hoping to make many of those changes myself. Best of luck to you in 2011 and I hope it's a great year for you.

Deb said...

Your "simplified" list makes me tired! I'd never survive if my bedtime was 1 am! In fact, it's 9:46 and I'm actually getting ready to head to bed right now, lol.

Have you ever looked at the Motivated Moms Chore Planner? It's a great way to keep cleaning on track a little bit each day. We love it at our house!

Love your goals. Thanks for sharing them! Happy New Year!