Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Madness Sale - 10 for $10!!!

In celebration of my 11th Wedding Anniversary + 31st Birthday + in need of some extra financial help!


About 1-2 times a year - I offer a special promotion on my blog! I am once again in a financial situation where I need a little extra money to help me get through the month, so I am going to offer this again. I hope it helps you receive products from me that you have been wanting for an amazing deal! I really really appreciate your support!

For $10 you receive your choice of 10 individual products.
Check out my stores (links on the sidebar), including my blogstore products (on the sidebar), and you can choose 10 of them. This is an unlimited deal - which means, you can purchase this deal as many times as you want - so purchase 2 or 3 of this deal and get 20-30 products, etc.

This is for individual items only - so you can't purchase say the whole Happily Ever AfterZ Collection as 1 product, it would be 12 products - Same goes for my Zoo TearZ and Scrapbook Essentials Collections, etc. Also NOT included is club membership kits (3Scrapateers and ScrapWOW), Sisters by Heart Kits, and any exclusive kits that I have at iScrapbook. Thanks!

Please list the names of the products you want in the paypal message/instructions box. If you forget, you can just send me an email later with your list! After I receive your list and your payment, I will send your download links to you - I will be using your paypal email to send the links unless you give me another one!

This deal will run from June 17-June 30th!

Thank you so much for your support!

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Breeoxd said...

will def be doing this on the 28th or so. Thanks for the great offer!

Rona said...

Hi DeDe! Can you send me your email address for PayPal so I can send payment? Your Add to Cart button is leading me to a not-so-clear paypal page, no matter how many times I refresh it.

Or, I'll just try again in a bit.