Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Faith, Courage, True Beauty

So I saw this video on several blogs yesterday/today and on my church's website and it is just so inspiring. I've followed Nie Nie for about two years now and her story just touches my heart. Reading about her struggles and her amazing faith and courage - always strengthens me and reminds me of how blessed I am.

Get a tissue - you'll need it for sure!

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Stater said...

It is truly a miracle that these 2 people survived!

My wish for them is that society reach out to them, love them, and treat them with respect.

We are unique and none of us are perfect. The one thing we have going for us is the ability to reach out and love.

My God continue to bless them while using their story to inspire others.

Thanks for sharing their story with us, DeDe.

angmag55 said...

This is the most touching and inspiring story DeDe thanks so very much for sharing this woman's video!! The struggles and pain she has gone through are amazing but she did it by the Grace of God!

angmag55 aka Mary K

K2 Designs said...

Stater- you said it beautifully! I remember seeing this a yr or so ago but then forgot about it until you posted it DeDe. Thank you! She is DEFINITLY an inspiring woman even to me, who is in a wheelchair. I believe she's had SO much more to endure than I have and is still here for a purpose as is anyone who has gone thru something so life changing. and yes things like this DO surely change your life. Thank you again for sharing this. You ROCK! Hugs.