Wednesday, January 6, 2010

MIA a little longer

Okay so I'm going to be a little longer than I thought. I've really been thinking that I needed to backup and organize and reinstall because my computer has been really slow and actiing weird. So yesterday I got everything backed up and started reinstalling. And just as I was finishing and about to bring my files back - the hard drive completely died. So there was a real reason that it has been so weird lately and thats because my internal Hard drive was failing and I just didn't know it. Thank heaven for small blessings that I had just backed up and so I haven't lost a thing except for time. I now need to purchase a HD and have Simply Mac put it in for me. Not sure how long thats going to take and then of course I will have reinstall everything again. But hopefully I will be back soon - I'm so sorry if you are waiting on me for anything! Geez, just when I thought I was on a roll with my goals and getting things done! UGH!

Thanks for your patience!

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Stater said...

That's one good thing about Vista... it warns ya when a hard drive is dying & tells you to back it up.

Good luck Ms. DeDe!

Ajila said...

DeDe, I just wanted to let you know that I understand your frustration about having to shell out more money for the computer. As you said, at least everything is backed up. Just because this happened doesn't mean you aren't trying to meet your goals. You are one of the most ambitious people I know. BTW, I hope you will keep up your 365 pictures in 2010. Take care and leaving you some love.