Thursday, May 7, 2009

Project 365: Week 19

Monday, May 4, 2009

The kids really love playing on the computer. I guess it totally makes sense - Joey and I are always on our computers. JJ hadn't played on StarFall at home for awhile, so the kids got to play for awhile.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I had seen this idea on several of the blogs I read. You take all the snacks for your kids for the day and you put them in the slots of a muffin tin. And then when the kids want a snack they go to their tin. I need to get new muffin tins for them, but they LOVED this idea. I think I will get some new ones for them and maybe decorate them or something. What a fun thing and I think this will be perfect this summer!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I was able to go to another wonderful Scrap Girls Luncheon today. I really love these excursions. They totally rejuvenate me. Beth got to come with me today and she was so good! It was kind of bitter-sweet though as Anna is moving to Texas and she won't be able to come to our luncheons anymore. It was really good to visit with her and I hope things go so well for her! We'll miss her!

I gave the kids some goldfish crackers and sent them outside to play. A little while later, JJ came in and said, "Mom, I shared my goldfish with some ants, is that ok?" and then "The ants were looking for food so I crumbled up the goldfish for them."

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last night, my parents and my brother, Lane arrived. We haven't had them come and stay with us in about a year, so it was a real treat. I can't believe my little brother is 16 and so involved in everything. My parents came because Lane got to go to a leadership conference (HOBY) up here in Aspen Grove for the rest of the week. So they took him there this morning and then they hung out with me and Beth for the rest of the day. We did some errands while Beth was at school and then Joey took a half day off to watch the kits, while I, my parents, and Cody & Becki got to go do a session in the new Draper Temple. We went out to dinner at Sizzlers after and it was really fun to visit and be together.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Beth has been so excited to have her Grandma here. She really misses not living right next door to her Grandparents. Grandpa took a day-trip to Wyoming today on his friend Max's truck, Joey was at work, JJ was at school, and so after Grandma went to her Aunt's Funeral (Margaret Mathews), we had her all to ourselves. We hung out at home and did a few errands.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

We spent some time at the playground today. It's so fun to see my kids enjoy themselves and to see them interact with each other. Beth's favorite thing is the swings and she is constantly saying, "Push me, high to the sky!" JJ loves the slides the best and he loves to have you watch him play!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

After church today, we were able to have lunch with my parents and brother. It's been awhile since I spent Mother's Day actually with my Mom. It has been so fun to have them staying here this week. My mom is an amazing woman who always gives her all to everything she does. She's a great example of faith and service. One of the most amazing things about my mom is that no matter what calling she has in the church - she truly goes above and beyond for it. As a Young Woman leader, as a Sunday School Teacher, as a Primary music leader, etc....she is always prepared and willing to do anything and everything for those she teaches. It's really amazing to me. My mom has always supported me in whatever I wanted to do and I am so grateful to her for bringing me up in the church and for always being there for me. THANK YOU MOM and Happy Mother's Day!

And here is my weekly layout:

I used my DIGITAL 365 Kits to create this layout!

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Terry said...

The Scrap Girls Luncheons sound like a lot of fun. It's so great that you're able to attend them.

Angela said...

great pics. I used to do the snack tray thing - it was fantastic. unfortunately i can't anymore with TJ having diabetes - her food needs to be very carefully controlled now including timings

Ajila said...

Your kids sound adorable. I love the muffin pan idea. Enjoyed all the pictures. Leaving you some love!