Saturday, May 16, 2009


I'm so sorry for my whiny post before. I am better now. LOL I'm really glad that I took part in the contest and I'm really glad you all still love me! :) There is so much to be grateful for and I forgot that for a little while.

I really have so much fun things happening for me in the design world. I am grateful that I made it to 2 rounds - I'm grateful that I was even selected in the first place! I am grateful that I was able to get myself known just a little bit more! I'm grateful that my Heavenly Father has given me this creative talent that I have to be able to do this and do it from home so I can still be a wife and mom. I'm grateful for an amazing supportive husband and wonderful kids that put up with me when I am in design mode. And I am extremely grateful for all of you who enjoy my work and make it possible for me to do this! Thank you for your amazing comments and for your purchases and for your friendship! You truly make my life wonderful!

Like I said previously - I really didn't have time for this contest anyways - I have a lot on my plate and it just keeps filling up. I am working really hard right now to prepare for lots of things happening in June for me! Here are some of the exciting things going on in my design world:

- First of all, I am "sort-of" taking June off from design stuff. I meant to REALLY take it off - but things happened and so I am really only taking off from doing my crops/challenges. I will still be around for the most part - although, I will be gone the 2nd week of June - for my annual trek to the Arizona Strip to help my dad and family move the cows from the winter range to the summer range. No internet access or anything like that - I mean, I don't even get a shower for 7 days (or electricity or anything) LOL Anyways, but for the other 3 weeks in June - I will be around - just taking it EASIER and my crops/challenges won't be happening (except for the Digital 365 Challenge).

- I have recently been asked to be a designer at ScrapWow! And I'm so excited. It feels really good to be asked to be a part of a store! So I am working on getting my products there and getting all set up before June - because I am going to be their featured designer in June! So expect some new kits soon there!

- Because I am now at ScrapWow and at 3Scrapateers (same owners - they also own RAKScraps), I have the opportunity to create a kit for the RAKScraps Mega Kit Add-on. And June is my month. Just this week, I completed the kit for it and I am rather proud of it! So make sure you check it out on June 15th when it is released!

- From June 20-July 4th - I am the Featured Designer at Digitals! You'll want to come and shop my 40% sale, read my interview, get my Daily Download (working on the kit right now), and come to my crop on July 1st for extra freebies and fun!

- Oh and I'm really going to try and get my HAPPILY EVER AFTERZ Kit done in June too! I know you are all anxiously awaiting it - me too! :)

- And I also need to catch up on my Project 365 layouts. I have been blogging and keeping track of journaling and photos for every day, but I'm several weeks behind in the actual layouts - I'm hoping this can happen in June!

- Also in June - I turn 30 years old and it is my 10th Wedding anniversary!

And of course all of this needs to be done before June - so I am scrambling the last couple of weeks here to get it all done! But I truly have so much to be grateful for and to look forward to.

Thanks again for your support!

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Nancy said...

Oh, DeDe, no need to apologize for feeling down initially! You are certainly entitled to feel disappointed and sad about not making the next round of the design contest! It sounds like you have done exactly what you needed to do...allow yourself the pity party, keep it brief, take what you learned from the experience and move forward! You totally rock and so do your designs!!

Angela said...

It's so good to do a grateful list like that - I think I need to do one. Thank you for sharing it with us DeDe.
I'm really looking forward to seeing and getting your Megakit Addon for June. I completed my contribution to the June Megakit today.

sweetheaven said...

Dede nothing to apologize for. Sounds like you are really busy. Thanks for the heads up on the new store and you being the featured desiger in June. Can't wait to see the finished Happily ever afterz kit.

Anonymous said...

Just think, DeDe, if you didn't lose round 2, you most likely would not have written that profound gratitude 2nd paragraph above. That will mean more to you and your family somewhere down the road than an advancement in a design contest that you have already proven yourself worthy of over and over again. You wouldn't be successful and selling your goods in so many stores if it wasn't so. Keep in mind that judging in most artsy types of contests be it dance, art, cheerleading etc. are based on those particular judges at that particular time. If you had a set of, say 5 different judges, the outcome would most likely be completely different based on that set of judges' opinions. Please know that you're already where you're at based on your talent, and it is unique and original at that. You already won the p365 contest because you were one of the first gals in the industry to produce a digital365...BE PROUD of your accomplishments. Everyday you design, create layouts and sell a product makes you a winner!

KatLen Kreations said...

sorry/surprised to hear that you did not continue, but I was also surprised that you started with all the stuff you have on your plate.
best wishes on all your current endeavors

Jody said...

Happy to see you have bounced back. Yes, we all so many things to be grateful for in this world.

I am grateful that you have given me a heads up on what to expect and look for in June in regards to your designs as I do get sad when I miss any of them!

When in June is your birthday?

Ajila said...

Wow, if your going to be one of the designers for RAKscraps, I will be sure to download it next month. I usually pass it over for some reason. But not with a a great designer, like you.

I'm sorry you didn't make it to round 3. But I'm happy you feel optimistic about it. I'm really surprised myself. I love all your work so much. Leaving you some love.