Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Scrap the Night Away Chat

Please join me for another wonderful Scrap the Night Away Chat tomorrow night!

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Anonymous said...

Hi DeDe;
Get the heck over to CK Lisa B's KOTM Blog & Becky Higgins Blog and toot your Dig 365!! I've been wanting to do it for you for this past month but would probably be good from you. All the p 365 folks are tired of waiting for kits and are going dig...good for you! KOTM & Becky have given permission in much earlier blogs to give out other links & blogs for others to share ideas etc...here's your turn to get some of your digi kits sold!! They've already listed one kit at 3 scraps but maybe might want to tell them about your other sites and your blog and the sale at Digitals to get them even more motivated. You might want to leave your bday kit up a few more days just as a perk for all the new traffic visitors--just a suggestion cuz I like you, your digi kit and want you to be successful with it. Besides...any extra disney pocket money is always needed, right? Good Luck.