Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is it too greedy to ask this?

Hey everyone,

I need a plug. And I realize this is not very nice to ask this - BUT I would love to be featured at DST and they are asking YOUR input right now on what designers you would like to see. So if you are a Gold/Diamond member of DST - and if you like my work - please check out THIS FORUM and suggest your favorite designers and I would be amazingly honored if you would pick me. :)

If you do it - go ahead and link to my DIGITALS STORE. THANKS!

Love to all of you!

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Jody said...

No problem and you are not being greedy at all. I was actually surprised that you had never been featured!!!

My user name at DST is Laser and I posted for you.

Hope they pick you!

Suziqintx said...

not at all!!1 I posted for you too!

Joanne S. said...

You're my favorite and I think your designs are absolutely AWESOME! I put in a good word for you too. I hope you're chosen.....Hugs,