Friday, December 12, 2008

High/Low - December 12th

My LOW for this week is that my husband, Joey has been gone all week in Dublin, IRELAND! I wish I could have gone with him, but of course financially that just couldn't happen. He went for work and didn't actually get to see much - but he did get to meet people, eat some interesting food, and bring back TOFFEE. I can't wait to see him tonight when he gets home! I really missed him.

My HIGH for this week is that my children's book, PRINCESS SECRETS is finally here! They arrived this week and I just feel so excited! I even teared up when they got here - just to have had this amazing opportunity to be published - to have my artwork in a book! I just feel so blessed! You can purchase it here on my blog! It would be a great book for Christmas for your princesses! HINT HINT And there is still time to get it to you before Christmas! :)

So how is everyone's Christmas season? I hope you are all doing well! I'm busily trying to get my Christmas Cards done, some scrapbooking gifts done, my December Daily Album, my treats for neighbors/friends (I'm making some darling Christmas cupcake pops and bites - check out Bakerella's site for the recipe - so much fun!) and about a million other things. It's so crazy! I hope I can get it all done in the next week - so I can spend the next 2 weeks just enjoying my family!

Today's freebie is the last day of my HAPPY HOLIDAYZ gifts and you can find it in the posting below! :)

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Angela said...

congrats on the book, and enjoy your toffee