Thursday, December 11, 2008

Digitals 12 Days of Christmas Crackers

From Dec 12 to Dec 24, an inspiring and generous group of Digitals designers will be sharing Christmas crackers that will be hidden somewhere in their stores.

Christmas crackers are a traditional activity in the UK & Australia. The Digitals versions each contains a freebie, a coupon and a silly joke or motto to keep your Holiday spirits bright.

Check the forum here each day for a new clue, and sometimes two, to where the crackers are hidden.

Don't worry if you join in late! Each cracker will be left in the designer's store for 6 days. We hope you enjoy the hunt and enjoy opening your gifts from us!

Participating designers:
Kathryn, Shawn, Sharon, Beth, Georgia, Alessandra, DeDe, Amanda, Katey, Christine S, Silvia, Heather, Katie M, Paula

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Stater said...

Oh how neat is that, DeDe? Kewl man I'll be back.

Thanks a bunch to all you wonderful ladies.