Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Updated Logo

So I decided to update my logo just slightly with my current TearZ Bear AND I decided to change my design name slightly as well. I am now DESIGNZ BY DEDE, instead of just "Designs." I figure that the Z is sort of my trademark now - so its high time it made it to my logo!

So I am going to be updating it in my previews and such from now on! I'm also considering changing my blog address to - so it could change soon - but it might not too! :)

Okay, let me know what you think! New logo is in the header above!


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Nancy said...

LOVE IT!! I think it makes sense for you to change it! I do think that you should change your blog address too if it isn't too much trouble! Have a great time at the convention!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your header looks great DeDe. I think that the Z fits you good.
Thanks again for sharing your wonderful talents.
Enjoy your trip, you deserve it.

Sue ^i^

sweetheaven said...

I love it. Your known for your bearz and the z is yours now so why not use them. I also think it's a great idea to change your blog address. Make it your own.
thanks for all you do for all of us

katy said...

Thanks for another great Z gift! Yes, you truly are identified by that now so it should be in your header, address, etc. Love the way it looks in your header!

KatLen said...

Love the new bear and logo!