Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Questions Answered....

A couple of questions in the comments...

Can you tell me what font you used for the ad that says "Digitals Birthday Bash 4 Begins!"
I didn't create this ad - but I'm pretty sure it is the same font in the Digitals logo and its called PASSIONS CONFLICT.

Just wondering...what's the progress with the book?
There was some image problems with our first proof - so I am working on fixing them - The images turned out too dark for some reason so we are trying to rectify that. I'm getting close and then we will get one more proof and hopefully that will be good and then we will be done!

I did find out some bad news - the hardcovers are WAY TOO EXPENSIVE so I am not going to go that direction - I am hoping that is okay with all of you. It would cost ME over $20 to purchase one and then in order for me to make any money - I would have to up it from there and that is just too much.

But the soft covers are really great - they are glossy and not easily torn and I really like it so I hope you all will too. We are still working out the price, but it looks like I will be selling the book here on my blog for $12.99. But remember that is a tentative price - but will give you something to think about!

As soon as we get the 2nd proof back and we know everything is good, I will be setting up a pre-order for the book plus previews of the book! So stay tuned!

Thanks everyone!

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Nancy said...

Thanks so much for the info on the book! I'm sorry the hardcover is too expensive because that would be my preference. I want them for my granddaughters (ages almost 4 and 6), and I think they are both old enough to take good care of the soft cover editions. I'm just so excited about it!! I will be eagerly awaiting more info!! Thanks again!