Friday, October 3, 2008

High/Low - October 3rd

My LOW for this Week is that last night my throat started hurting really bad. It came on sudden like and got me scared that I was getting strep AGAIN. But thankfully this morning it is a lot better - still hurts, but manageable. I feel a little stuffed up too - but I think I just have a cold. The rest of the family is still trying to feel completely better. But the kids have gone to school this week and getting more rest at night so I think we've gotten through this cold spell. I love Fall/Winter because of the cooler weather (I really hate being hot) - but I don't like the sickness that seems to travel a lot! H

My HIGH for this Week was that I got to go to a football game with Joey (my husband) on Saturday. Growing up I never really got the chance to go to a football game, since I lived in a small town with no football team. So I think this is the very first football game that I have ever been to. I was never a football fan until I married Joey, but now I think it's a lot of fun! And it really was fun to be at the Utah Utes game with friends. Thanks to my Cody and Becki for tending our kids! :) And thanks to Brandon, Brandon's Dad, Curtis, and Skyler for letting us join you!

Another HIGH this week was last night I got to go meet with the Wasatch Front Scrap Girls! It is just so much fun getting to know digital scrapbookers, especially actually meeting with them (not just online) and having food and chatting and just sharing in each other's lives. Last night was all about the convention that is coming up! Only one more week - I just can't wait! We spent last night planning little things that we can do to welcome all the Scrap Girls to Utah! It's just going to be such a blast! It will DEFINITELY be my HIGH for next week, so stay tuned to hear about all about it! I will be leaving my kids with my hubby next Thursday-Friday-Saturday and spending the days in Salt Lake City at Fort Douglas with the Scrap Girls! So excited to get away for a few days!

So your freebie this week is in the previous post - a part of the Digitals Blog Train! :) And don't forget to check out all the happenings at Digitals this week!

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Brianne said... never went to a football game at Dear Old Dixie? Football games are fun...especially when your team wins! You guys look like you fit right in with the football crowd.

snowowl551 said...

Looks like you had fun at your first game. Glad to see Joey is a Colts fan!!!! LOL

Angela said...

popped in to see lastweeks highs & lows and discovered I've been missing a blog train. Thanks for the bits from the weekend. Hope you are feeling much better now.