Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Glance at the Whole Album!

I just finished my whole LILAC SPRING - COSMO CRICKET JACK ALBUM for the Hybrid Blog Train and I thought I would give you the preview to the whole album so you can see what you are getting for the next 10 days! The first day's download is below this post and is only available until tomorrow....and check back at 8pm EST tonight for the 2nd Link! :)

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stacy said...

It's SO nice to have you back again, DeDe! The previews of your album are gorgeous, and I can't wait to snag these pages!!!
I'm also looking forward to your book club starting up this summer...when will we be getting a hint as to what we're reading? I've got a list of suggestions, but don't know what kind of books you're looking for.
Thanks again!