Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas from The Smith Family

I have sent out Christmas cards every year for 16 years, 
but this year I just didn't get it done. So I am doing
a digital-only version this year!


J.J. is 13 and is in 8th Grade at Spectrum Academy. This school has been heaven-sent for J.J. and his parents and has helped us get through having a teenager with autism. J.J. loves Star Wars, Phineas and Ferb, and Minecraft. He is happiest when he is watching movies and playing on his tablet.

Beth is 10 and in 5th grade at Spring Creek Elementary. She loves school, being with her friends, and excels in reading. She sings in her school choir, is learning to play the violin, and is in a theater group (they will be performing Aladdin in April). She is happiest when she is reading a book, listening to music and singing, or doing some kind of craft!

Joey always stays busy with work (and teaching in Elders Quorum). He has done quite a bit of traveling this year to places like Nashville, Las Vegas, and New York. In his spare time (which is not much at all), he enjoys being with his family, reading or listening to music and audiobooks, and playing Guild Wars 2. 

DeDe has stepped back a lot in her blogging and designing digital scrapbook products this year, but is hoping to get back to her creative side in 2016. She loves her calling in the Primary presidency (except for the actual teaching Sharing time part). She loves the kids and being able to use her talents to create wonderful things for the Primary, the Ward, the Schools and sometimes even her family and friends! In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching movies, creating (especially with her new Silhouette Cameo), selling books for Usborne Books & Jewelry for Origami Owl, and procrastinating housework.

Our family's highlight of the year was visiting Disneyland a few weeks ago. We have a love of Disney in our household and we really enjoyed taking my brother and his family with us this year. We really enjoy the Christmas Season at Disneyland and it was so fun to be able to participate in Disneyland's 60th Anniversary as well. As a family, our favorite thing to do is watch movies together (with popcorn).

Our Family wishes you all a VERY VERY VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a joyful HOLIDAY SEASON! We hope each one of you feels the REASON FOR THE SEASON and the true magic and spirit of Christmas! We hope you have lots of family time and that your season is the best ever!

Love you all!

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