Thursday, September 24, 2015

Character IllustrationZ are here!

I'm so excited to present my new product line - CHARACTER ILLUSTRATIONZ! I can't wait to create more and I have tons of ideas.

But first up is my rendition of the love-volcanoes from the latest Disney-Pixar Short.  My husband and I got a huge kick out of this short movie. We find ourselves singing the "I Lava You" song all the time and it has come to represent us as a couple. I am planning on making some great t-shirts with this illustration for us to wear on our upcoming Disneyland trip! I will have to share pictures of the shirts when I get them finished!

Check it out in the store HERE.

So let me know what you think of this new product and hopefully this means I am on a creative streak and you'll be seeing much more of me on the blog soon!

I LAVA YOU by DesignZ by DeDe (DeDe Smith)

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