Friday, August 22, 2014

High/Low + Freebie | August 22, 2014

My LOW this Week is that my new medication is still making me really tired. It's helping with the depression/anxiety, but I just have to work out the side effects. 

My HIGH for this Week is that school is back in session! It's going to take a little bit, but I'm excited for routines and schedules and hopefully getting more balanced!  Fall is my favorite season - just for that reason!

I do have a freebie for you today! The next in line of my COLOR SKETCH SILHOUETTEZ!  Meet Ariel!  :)  Have a great weekend!


High/Low & Freebie Friday |
High/Low + Freebie Posts | Each Friday, I get a little personal and share my high and low points of the week and then I offer a digital scrapbook freebie for everyone to download for FREE.

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Breeoxd said...

feel better!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely freebie. Good luck with your side effects.

dedesmith32 said...

Thanks - both of you! Enjoy!

Frances Mary said...

Thank you