Thursday, July 31, 2014

Then & Now | Belle Dress

As I was going through some photos, I discovered some photos from 4 years ago, when Beth went to a Princess Festival for the first time. I was shocked to realize that she was wearing the SAME dress-up dress as she wore this summer. I thought it was a fun comparison to make! 

Then | 2010 Princess Festival

* Belle was her favorite Disney Princess

* Her Belle Dress was brand new and too big for her
* Beth would let me curl her hair
* She was FIVE
* She was just starting to read and really love it
* She was starting to show her independence and wanting to do things herself
* She would never smile showing her teeth - just upturned her mouth

Now | 2014 Princess Camp

* Belle is still one of her favorite Disney Princesses
* Her Belle dress is really getting too little and is faded and worn from being used so much
* Beth now wants to do her hair by herself
* She is NINE
* She is reading above her grade level and still really loving it
* She's still very independent and doesn't want me to help her with anything
* She still smiles the same way - no showing teeth

All in all not a ton of changes. She has definitely grown and become more of a tween instead of a little girl. Mostly I think her personality has just grown into just more of herself.  I think the time for dress-up with the Princesses is going to be over this year. She still enjoys it, but it is definitely not as often, although she still loves the Disney Princesses. I have enjoyed watching her grow. She'll always be my Princess!

I encourage you to take a look at some of your old photos and make comparisons with the present! So much fun to see the growth and the changes!

Then & Now is a series of posts that share my photos and stories, comparing the past with the present.

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