Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Favorite ThingZ | Apps


So I admit it, I love technology. Not sure how I would survive without it. It's really hard for me to unplug and to not look at my phone or my tablet or be on my computer. It's hard not to turn on the tv and use the dishwasher. I feel a little lost, when my wireless internet connection goes out or my tablet is dead. I just like having the wonderful options I have that greatly convenience my world.

So, I have a Mac, I have a Google Nexus 7 (tablet), and an iPhone and I tend to collect a lot of Apps. I enjoy having so many tools that make blogging and emailing and viewing and posting so much easier. I also like to play games. So I'd love to share some of my favorite apps with you today!

I'm a bit of a Google junkie.  I use google to search on the internet, I use the Google Chrome Browser, I use gmail, I use the Google Calendar and the Google Maps and Google Drive. Of course, I have a Google Tablet as well, so yea, you could say that Google is one of my favorites.  So yea, I use this on my desktop, my tablet, and my phone.

Yea, I spend a lot of time on Facebook. I enjoy connecting and reconnecting with people. I love using it for my businesses and I love being able to share all kinds of stuff with my family/friends/acquaintances/customers. I don't play games on Facebook though. So no game requests from me!  So yea, I use this on my desktop, my tablet, and my phone.

I love using Pinterest too. I love having a place to collect all the images and fun ideas that I find. I also like having a gallery to be able to show off my designs!  So yea, I use this on my desktop, my tablet, and my phone.

Symphony is one of my recently discovered internet apps that I LOVE. It is the PAID extension to NetworkedBlogs. I find that it is so worth the money. I use it to schedule my blog posts to go to my Facebook pages and Twitter. I love how it works and how you can write up your own descriptions and which image you want to go along with them.  So fun and easy and makes my social media life so much easier!

ecwid is the shopping cart system that I use for my blogstore. I was able to get in on the system right from the start, so I got an amazing deal on pricing. Unfortunately, the pricing is pretty high now.  But I love the system. It is so easy to get it working with my blog and adding new items.

I use Feedly to organize and read all my blogs. I used to love Google Reader and was really saddened when they discontinued it. But I've recently got into Feedly and I love the organizational features and it works great. So much easier to keep track of all the blogs I like to read. I like that I can read it on my desktop computer or on my tablet and/or phone. It makes it so easy to access whenever I am ready.

I love using Evernote. I love being able to track all my notes and lists. I know there is so much more I could do with it, but for now, it keeps my notes organized and accessible on all my devices.

I have been a little obsessed with SwagBucks lately. I'm trying to earn enough to add to my Paypal balance (for my Disneyland trip), so I have been using it constantly for searching the internet and doing the surveys and polls, and running the video apps on my phone.  If you haven't tried this yet, give it a shot - your SwagBucks can add up fast and you're on your way to free gift cards!

I love my Audible app. I use it mostly on my phone and tablet.  I have a subscription and I love being able to get new audiobooks. I listen to them when I am walking and also when I am working on my computer or doing household chores. Love being able to get through books. I love reading, but I'm not always able to just sit down and read - so this is perfect.

I also love my Amazon Kindle App. I don't have a Kindle, but I love that I can still purchase ebooks and use them through the Kindle app on my phone and tablet. I also love that you can email yourself (to a specific kindle email) pdf files (and other formats) and have them show up on your device.

Who doesn't love the Netflix app right? I love being able to stream movies to my tablet or on my computer or even my phone. We also have a chromecast that makes it easy to stream it to our tv. Gotta love technology!

Discovering the MyJobChart app really changed the way that I work with my kids. It has helped me teach my children how to work and it gives them great incentives to get their stuff done. I'm using it all summer for everything and they are earning points to do fun things on the weekend!

I love my Cozi app. It is my organizational system in running my household. I use the calendar that I can access on all my devices. I also use the menu planning and the shopping list. It even has a place that I can write down notes if I need too and once again access it through all my devices.  It gets the most use for me for my shopping lists and menu planning.

The LDS Gospel Library is awesome. I love having access to my scriptures and LDS magazines and teaching manuals and everything right at my fingertips. I use it most on my tablet and I love it!

Okay I could go on and on - I love my apps. But I would like to share with you my favorite games that I play. I have about a million games, but there are 4 games that I play the most on my Google Tablet (Android device).

Dragonvale by Backflip

Solitaire by Backflip

Sudoku by AI Factory

Ticket to Ride by Days of Wonder

So those are some of my favorites and ones that I use EVERYDAY!  What are your favorite apps?  Please comment and share!  I love trying out new apps!  If you have any questions, let me know!

My Favorite ThingZ is a series of blog posts, focusing on some of my favorite things. I hope you can find some interesting new things that will work for you in your life!

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