Friday, July 25, 2014

High/Low + Freebie | July 25, 2014

My LOW this Week is that my family is still struggling through some family drama. Sorry to be so cryptic, but its a very personal issue and something that just shouldn't be shared here.  But your virtual hugs and lots of prayers would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

My HIGH for this Week is that I got to spend yesterday with my brother and his family. We really love spending time with them and since it was a Utah Holiday (Pioneer Day - Utah Statehood) - we had a BBQ and did Fireworks. It was a good time and I really needed that.

I do have a freebie for you today! The next in line of my COLOR SKETCH SILHOUETTEZ!  Meet Rapunzel!  :)  Have a great weekend!

High/Low & Freebie Friday |
High/Low + Freebie Posts | Each Friday, I get a little personal and share my high and low points of the week and then I offer a digital scrapbook freebie for everyone to download for FREE.

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