Monday, July 14, 2014

Featured Product Monday | BeacheZ

Today I would like to feature a great kit for the summertime, especially if you happen to visit a beach!

Take a Look at my BeacheZ Collection! There are 3 products in this collection!  There is the main kit - BEACHEZ, plus an EXTRA ALPHA, a BRAGBOOK, and get a special deal by buying the BUNDLE (all 3 of the products)!

I had a fun time creating a layout with this kit!  It was a trip down memory lane - back to March 25, 2009 -the only time my family (hubby, me, and kids) have been to a beach. We were on a Southern California vacation with my whole side of the family and one of the days, we went to San Diego and to Sea World.  
Before leaving San Diego, we made an impromptu stop at Mission Beach for a little walk in the ocean. Most of the kids had never seen the ocean so even though it was dirty and messy, I'm glad we did it. We arrived at sunset and splashed around for about 45 minutes. The ocean at sunset is a beautiful sight to behold and I'm so glad that JJ and Beth were able to have that as their first beach experience!

Here is a layout I did with my BeacheZ Kit:

I used "BeacheZ" by ME.

ENJOY! Thanks for reading my blog and have a great week!

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