Sunday, July 6, 2014

Life 2014 | Exploring Indian Ruins

Beth is fascinated with different cultures and history, especially with the American Indians.

It actually runs in the family, coming from Grandpa Sorensen. Growing up, Grandpa always took his kids to Indian ruins and special historic places.

So, for Beth’s Birthday trip, she really wanted to go see Indian Ruins and Drawings.  Grandpa obliged her and took us on two days of adventures near Orderville.

We hiked and saw lots of Indian Drawings on cliff walls, we hunted arrowheads and pottery, and we even hiked down to see awesome Indian ruins!

Beth’s cousin Whitnee joined us for one day and we had a lot of fun hiking and playing in the dirt. We also roasted hot dogs and just enjoyed being together. Beth will remember this forever!

Here's the layout I did:

I used "Fill'er Up Templates 3" by Britt-ish Designs, "Tribal Neutrals" by Grepic, "Shadow Spirits" by Zais Digital Scrapbook, "Wood Tribal Papers" by Baer Design Studio, and "American Indian" by Roxanne Buchholz

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