Sunday, February 3, 2013

JJ's 11th Birthday

My JJ turned 11 on January 26, 2013. I don't know what happened to my little boy, but he is now just a young man. JJ is all about Phineas and Ferb, specifically Perry the Platypus, Angry Birds, and Star Wars, so that's what his birthday was all about.

We had originally planned on visiting Grandpa and Grandma Smith for his birthday, but a nice big storm made its way through Utah and so we opted to stay home.  We spent a casual day at home. We were awakened by a very excited JJ. All he could think about was opening his presents, so we decided to just let him do it, even though it was early.

He received: A Perry Pillow Pet, a Phineas and Ferb Game, an Angry Birds game, the complete Star Wars Movies on Blu-Ray, and 2 Star Wars Books. He was THRILLED and he pretty much hasn't put down his Perry Pillow Pet since then. It has become his constant pal - I think if we could get a real platypus for a pet - he would be over the moon!

He played all day and then we had his favorite pizza for dinner and brownies with ice cream and hot fudge! We ended the day playing the wacky Phineas and Ferb game that is quickly becoming one of our favorites.  Everyone really had fun using the Perry Blindfold from the game. We even got Uncle Aaron to join us!

Happy Birthday, Agent J! 
I'm so blessed to have you as my boy!

Here's the layout I did for my son's birthday:

I used a template and  
"Just the Way You Are" by SuzyQ Scraps, 
plus a few elements of my own!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday JJ
I hope you had a fun filled day