Monday, January 28, 2013

New Release Monday - Bethie's Room

I'm so excited that I managed to create 2 new products in the BETHIE'S ROOM Collection!
A few years ago, I created a wonderful kit for my daughter. It is still one of my favorites that I have created.

My daughter is much the same girl as when BETHIE'S ROOM was created a few years ago.  But there are a few additions. The main ponies in her play have changed, her love of paint horses and reading has exploded, and another princess dress has been added to her collection!  (Oh and her most recent habit is to call her mom - Bunny.) Thus, an extras kit just needed to be created to add to the story of my delightful Bethie!  And I finally got a set of quickpages done with the kit as well!

You can purchase these products at the following stores:
My Blog
- Bethie's Room, CSS Pack, Quickpages & BUNDLE

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