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Book Review: Stories from the Golden Age

Stories from the Golden Age
featuring the stories of 
L. Ron Hubbard

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When you think of the word Pulp Fiction, you probably think of the blockbuster movie, but actually, Pulp Fiction was the literary phenomenon and leading source of entertainment in the 1930's and 1940's that produced thousands of short stories still influencing the writers of today's most popular books and movies--character's like Indiana Jones, Jack Sparrow, James Bond--all inspired by the these pulpwood paperbacks.

Now for the first time since their heyday, Galaxy Press has assembled the largest collection of stories from the most prolific writer of the pulp fiction era, L. Ron Hubbard. This collection, "Stories from the Golden Age", includes over 150 audiobook stories spanning virtually every genre including: scifi, fantasy, western, mystery, adventure and more!
The award-winning, action-packed tales have also been brought to life in cinematically produced audiobook CD collections, performed by an all-star Hollywood cast. So get into the action!

Available in audiobook, paperback and digital download formats.

Review by DeDe Smith

In the last few years, I have become addicted to audiobooks. I love sitting down and reading a good book, but as a mom and a designer, I'm just so busy all the time that I don't get the chance to sit down and read. So when I finally caved into the urgings of my husband and tried my first audiobook, I was amazed at how I could still be engaged into the story and feel it the same way I did when I read a book from my hands and yet, I can still do other things while listening - housework, designing, driving, etc. They are just one of the best things ever invented in my opinion!

I honestly wasn't sure what to expect when I was approached by Galaxy Press to review some of these Stories from the Golden Age on Audiobook. But since they were audiobooks - I gladly consented to give them a try. 

I received 8 audiobooks in total - Beyond On All Weapons, Cattle King for a Day, Dead Men Kill, Hell's Legionnaire, Hurtling Wings, The Crossroads, The Trail of the Red Diamonds, and Under the Black Ensign. I was able to get one story from each of the genre collections and it was so great to experience the amazing variety!

I did experience a little hiccup in the beginning. I received the audiobooks on CD. Unfortunately, I actually did not have a working CD player at the time except for my external CD Drive that hooked to my computer. I figured I would just plug it into the computer and listen to it from there - but the CDs would not let me play them on the computer no matter what I tried. My next option was to take the audio and make it into MP3s so I could play it on my iphone, which was what I wanted anyway, but iTunes would not let me get the audio off. After about a week of struggling with it - my wonderful technological-savvy husband took the CDs and got the audio off for me as MP3s and then I listened to them on my iphone from there. I didn't experience any problems after that - but it would have been easier if these collections would have been available digitally.

After listening to all 8 genres, I realized that I definitely have a preference on what kind of books I like and dislike.  Most of the Pulp Fiction is not exactly my cup of tea, but I really really really enjoyed the Western book - Cattle King for a Day - I'm definitely going to have to pick up the whole Western Collection.

So even though some of it was not my favorite - I still really enjoyed the presentation of these audiobooks. I loved the music and the sound effects and the voices that they used for the characters. It really helped to send me right into the midst of the story! I grew up with my dad telling me about how he would listen to stories on the radio - like Gunsmoke and I always wondered what it was like to sit and listen to a story and use your imagination instead of pictures on a screen to tell you the story. I think these audiobooks are just like those old radio shows. They have the sounds and the storytellers to help you use your imagination. It was so fun to finally get a little taste of the past!

I had never experienced L. Ron Hubbard before and his writing is very engaging and so descriptive. The variety in the different genres still amazes me - so many different cultures and kinds of adventures, and yet the writing is so well done! I felt like I fell in love with other cultures through his words.  I love that there is SO MUCH available - that no matter what kind of books you like - you can find something that appeals to you! 

So I definitely recommend this collection! It was so different than anything that I have ever experienced before and I love that I got this opportunity to try them out. I also liked that the stories were pretty short and easy to get through - and as added bonuses there even short little extra stories added on to the audiobooks that make you want to keep reading more!

The Stories from the Golden Age Collection are exciting tales, full of adventure, romance, mystery, and great storytelling - a little something for everyone!  The audiobooks are superb in reeling your imagination into the story!

Disclosure: I received several audiobooks from the publisher for review, but this did not influence my opinion.

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