Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Magic: It Takes a Village

So my brother and his wife stayed at my house this weekend and it was really nice to have them. They were married in May and I haven't really had a chance to get to know Brittani yet and it was good to have some time with them. We went to dinner and then after the kids went to bed, we stayed up for a few hours and just talked.  Actually, it was probably safe to say that I did most of the talking. Apparently, I have not had much adult conversation lately, because I just kind of monopolized the conversation. I hope they weren't too put out - LOL. 

Anyways, one of the things that we talked about was how Beth can be such a girly girl, but is not afraid to get dirty and do stuff more tomboy too. She likes to be outdoors and to play in the dirt. She loves to ride horses and go to the family ranch.  But she also adores playing dress up and getting her hair and nails done. I guess she has the best of both worlds.  :)

Now for myself - I guess I'm too much of a tomboy. I don't like to get dressed up - would rather wear sweats or jeans anyday than a dress. Don't do much with my hair - I don't wear make-up very often - I don't even have my ears pierced. And my nails look terrible because I'm a nail-biter.  The only times my nails looked good was for my wedding, since I actually got fake ones put on. 

So my poor daughter doesn't get her hair done by me very well and I don't think I have ever painted her nails - but she loves getting her nails painted! Something pretty magical happened for her when Aunt Becki joined the family. Whenever we visit with her and also for her birthday - she gets pretty pampered by Becki and always comes away with pretty nail paint and stickers.  In fact, there are current plans for Beth's birthday to have a nail-painting party this coming year.

So as I was talking with Lane and Brittani - I discovered that Brittani is a big nail person and always has her nails painted and looking good. I was actually excited to hear this because I think it will be a pretty special bonding experience if we can get Brittani and Becki together to do the nail party for Beth!  B-B-B - that works out pretty well doesn't it?  So not only will I NOT have to get my princess on - but Beth can have that special experience with her Aunts. It can be something that she gets only with them and I think that is so magical!

I was thinking about when I was growing up and there was a special time during a few summers that I got to go - by myself - to my aunt's house (and later on - my cousin's house - since she is older than me and started a family while I was still young). It was so amazing for me. They pampered me to death and to this day, I still feel a closeness with them because of that special time that they gave me.

I'm so glad that I can give this to Beth - a bonding closeness with her Aunts. A thing that I can't give to her and that someone else can. I think there is something just so magical about special traditions with family and/or friends. As they say -

It takes a Village...

and how cool is that. To be able to bond not only with family, but maybe special friends or extended family that give you other opportunities to learn/grow/experience that you wouldn't have with just your immediate family. What magical memories for children - to sometimes go outside of their home and have special things that aren't everyday occurrences. I'm not saying that building memories inside your family aren't important, I'm just saying that I think letting other people be a part of your kids' lives are good too.

I know that was quite a rambling post, but it was something that I thought about this weekend.

So do you or did you have special traditions with extended members of the family (or friends) for you and/or your children?

Each Monday (that doesn't have a new release), I am going to be offering a little Magic to start your week. It might be a fun idea, some inspiration, a tutorial, or just sharing some thoughts - Whatever I feel like! So come back and share your thoughts too!

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