Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Day of School

JJ and Beth are going to a new school this year.  The School District opened up a couple of new special classrooms for Autistic children and they moved JJ over to Orem Elementary. I was also able to get Beth in as well, so now they are both at the same school this year. I was also able to get Beth on the same bus as JJ, which just makes it easier. I hope they will both be able to adjust to a new schedule, make friends, and learn!

JJ is technically a 5th grader this year (although they have different age groups in his special classroom) and his new teacher is Mrs. Vitone. JJ has grown so much and I love that we are communicating so much better. He loves playing games on the computer, the Wii, apps on the iphone/ipad, and his Nintendo DS. He thrives on structure. He is starting to enjoy reading and he likes to help out around the house. He loves watching his dad on the computer and I can just see him growing up just like his daddy. JJ LOVES Agent P/Perry the Platypus, Phineas and Ferb and all superheroes. He likes to run and to draw. He's always so busy and hardly ever sits/stands still. He really enjoys movies/tv and his favorite food is pizza. I love watching my JJ grow and use his imagination in all that he does.

Beth is in second grade this year and her teacher is Miss Funk. She loves reading, playing with friends, and doing crafts with her mom. She loves My Little Pony, Disney Princesses, and horses. She likes playing on the computer and playing soccer. She thrives on attention. She's emotional and has a good heart. She has recently taken over washing dishes, because she knows her mother doesn't like it and she finds enjoyment in it. Her favorite food is Ravioli and Potatoes, Ham & Cheese. I love my Bethie girl and I love seeing her learn and grow!

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