Monday, August 20, 2012

Special Deal on the UPDATED HEA Kits!!!

You can now get the updated kits for only $12!
Did you purchase the 12 original Happily Ever AfterZ Kits before the new release - but now you would like the updated kits?  Then this is the bundle for you!

In order to get this deal - here's what you need to do: 
1. Find "proof" that you purchased the 12 original kits. This can be a receipt or even a screen capture of the kits on your hard drive.
2. Send the proof to
3. I will send you a coupon code that discounts THIS PRODUCT ONLY.
4. Place this product in your cart and use the coupon and it will discount it so you will only pay $12 for the collection of 12 updated kits!

** You must not share your "proof" or discount code with anyone! Please be honest.

This collection includes the 12 UPDATED original kits: Arabian NightZ, Court of MiracleZ, Fairest of AllZ, Heart of HeroeZ, Jungle RhythmZ, Mermaid TaleZ, NeverlandZ, Oriental MagicZ, SpiritZ of the Earth, Timeless TaleZ, True LoveZ Kiss, and WisheZ of the Heart

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Breeoxd said...

def got to find that reciept. I found the one for the villianz, but not all my other kits, Im on it!