Sunday, June 3, 2012

Line Drawn

Beth can get pretty particular about things and she enjoys bossing her brother around. He's pretty good about letting her get her way, although sometimes he has to break free and do his own thing. Both of my kids can go through lots of blank paper, drawing their little hearts out.

One day, as I saw we were getting low on paper, I just tore off a big sheet of my brown butcher paper and let them have at it. It keep them busy for a couple of hours, filling every inch of the thing. But the first thing, that Beth had to do was draw a line down the middle. She had to make sure that things went her way and that the drawings were separate. Silly kids.

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TifLyn said...

Oh, memories. I shared a bedroom for years with my older brother (ugg). I remember days of drawing lines down the middle any way we could...
Would love to see the after pic of their masterpiece!
Hugs, Tif