Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Magic - A Kinder Me

Each Monday (that doesn't have a new release), I am going to be offering a little Magic to start your week. It might be a fun idea, some inspiration, a tutorial, or just sharing some thoughts - Whatever I feel like! So come back and share your thoughts too!

This week:
I was reading a blog a few weeks ago and I really connected with the message that the post reflected. In the post, Ro talked about being kinder to ourselves. Its so easy to talk badly to yourself. I know that I often find myself getting so discouraged and reflecting on how many things I DO NOT get done. Not only does this make me feel badly about myself, but it also overwhelms me until I'm even more unproductive. I think so many of us have so many things on our to-do lists and so many things we want to be successful at. Its so easy to reflect on the things that we don't get done. But how about being a little kinder to ourselves and remembering the things WE DO get done. Even the things that seem "little" to us, are still things that take time and energy to get done and we should remember them.

I'm going to start taking Ro's challenge and start making a list of the things that I do get done and the things that I do well. I think "the kinder me" will really appreciate it.

How about you? Are you going to be kinder to yourself and focus on the things that you do instead of the things you don't?

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