Saturday, April 7, 2012

Book Review: Motherhood Matters by Connie E. Sokol

Motherhood Matters by Connie E. Sokol
Book Review by DeDe Smith

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I received this book in the mail at a perfect time. I was heading off to the Story@Home Conference and a couple of days for a "mommy vacation." I threw this book in my bag on my way out. The first night as I was relaxing in my hotel room, I picked up this little book and read it in one sitting. (I also read it again a week or so ago - once again in one sitting).

Many times, books about motherhood are inspiring, but they also bring about the guilt factor for me. I finish the book thinking that there is so many things that I need to do to be a better mom. Then I inevitably fail at all my goals because I forget that I'm only human and I can't do everything and I get
completely overwhelmed.

But this book was different for me. It was written in such a way that it reminded me of the things I could do better, while still leaving me inspired and gratified and appreciated. It truly was what I needed to hear on my weekend away from my family.

In her introduction, the author put it perfectly:

"...{this} is a book of joy-no list of to-dos or should-have-dones. Simply a thank you, a congratulations, and an awe-inspired gratitude for all that women do as mothers.....This is the book to read when you want to be reminded of both the beauty and majesty in motherhood. And this is definitely the book to read when, if nothing else, you want to laugh aloud at the most singular, magnificent, poignant, hilarious, heartbreaking, and transcendent experience a person can have in this life: Motherhood."

It is a book filled with inspiring quotes and stories that help mothers feel at peace with themselves and the daily work they are doing to raise their families. It is written to women in the LDS Church and shares quotes and scriptures of my faith, but I still believe that all women could benefit from reading it.

One of the wonderful reminders it gave me was through a quote from a Christian mother that said, "{Motherhood} is not a hobby, it is a calling... It is not something to do if you can squeeze the time in. It IS what God gave you the time for."

Here are a few other quotes from the book that have brought peace to my soul and helped me remember who I really am - a daughter of God who has been given a divine role as a mother on this earth.

"There is no perfect way to "do" motherhood correctly. So we can give ourselves permission to be the best mother to our children without comparison to the seemingly perfect neighborhood mother (who does not exist)."

"What matters most is that we love and nurture and raise our children in the best ways they need it. That we deeply and fully love our children, apologize for mistakes, and do better tomorrow."

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf says, "To me it appears that our splendid sisters sometimes undervalue their abilities-they focus on what is lacking or imperfect rather than what has been accomplished and who they really are."

I would highly recommend picking up this book. It would make a wonderful gift for Mother's Day or just for a pick-me-up for the mothers in your life.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this novel from the publisher for review, but this did not influence my opinion.

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