Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brotherly Protection

I want to remember these amazing little moments that make life worthwhile. I love these 2 kids so much. How did I get so blessed to be their Mom?

On Sunday, March 4th, JJ and Beth were playing a game that they love to play with their Dad. Joey is the tickle monster and he has to stay in his chair at his desk and the kids have to try and get around him without being tickled. They have to be pretty sneaky to get by him. They could play this for hours. It sometimes moves to other rooms and especially on our bed, but in this instance they were in the living room.

After playing for awhile, JJ started helping Beth get away, even though it made him get captured by that tricky Tickle Monster. As he was being tickled he called to Beth, "How about I always be here to save your life!"

That sounds pretty good to me. I hope they will always protect and love each other.

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