Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Sayings - 2/9/11

Each Wednesday, I am going to be sharing a quote/saying with you!
I am a collector of quotes/sayings/scrapbook titles, etc. and I love to hear new ones! So, each week, I will share a quote/saying with you that I hope will inspire you and make your day a little better! If you have any great quotes/sayings - feel free to send them in to me at - I would love to use them!

This week's quote:

"The prize is in the process, not the performance."
- Lorene Lamb

Mrs. Lamb was my orchestra and music teacher. She is such an amazing woman and I feel so happy to know her. Thank you Mrs. Lamb for all you have taught me.

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Pumpy said...

very good, will look some up and send to you.