Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Sayings - 1/12/11

Each Wednesday, I am going to be sharing a quote/saying with you!
I am a collector of quotes/sayings/scrapbook titles, etc. and I love to hear new ones! So, each week, I will share a quote/saying with you that I hope will inspire you and make your day a little better! If you have any great quotes/sayings - feel free to send them in to me at - I would love to use them!

This week's quote:

House Rules
Always be honest, Count your blessings, Bear each other's burdens, Forgive and Forget, Be kind and tender hearted, Comfort one another, Keep your promises, Be proud of each other, Be true to each other, Treat each other as you would treat your friends, Love one another with your whole heart.

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