Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Persnickety Prints is AWESOME!

Over the weekend, I discovered that PERSNICKETY PRINTS was just a few blocks away. My friend and Digitals store owner, Stacey Mann has recommended it several times, but I just kind of put it in my "review later" part of my brain. I just wasn't ready to print layouts yet.

I used to have a very nice borderless 12x12 Epson printer that I loved, but it was a ink hog and so expensive! When it broke, I just didn't get any layouts printed. I've done a few here and there and done some hybrid projects where I got the pages printed. I've mostly got them done at Costco and the pages were okay, but nothing spectacular about them.

But lately, I have really wanted to get some layouts printed, especially my Project 365 Layouts from this year and last year. They have stockpiled and I have about a hundred layouts that still need to be printed. It's true that I don't get that many layouts done these days, as most of my time is spent designing kits, but I do have my weekly 2-page layout for my Life 365, so it stocks up. My kids have been really wanting me to get albums done for them and get caught up - so I'm really going to try to do better in that way.

Anyways, so all of these things have been on my mind and I decided to just check Persnickety out and to my surprise, they are right here in Orem and only a few blocks away. Well I had the most amazing experience with them. I uploaded 21 layouts and in 24 hours they were done printing. I finally got time to go pick them up today and I met with Chari Pack and she is so awesome! She was very much into the details and making sure that everything looked the way I wanted it too. The colors were awesome - the paper was awesome (Pro Matte) - the printing was such awesome quality with full bleed, and can I just say how AWESOME it is to see my own designs printed out. I've been using pretty much my own designs on my layouts recently and to actually see something that I created, printed out is a complete thrill!

Besides awesome prints, Persnickety also does photo books and other photo gifts. They have some hybrid projects and freebies online. They are very very reasonable priced and have many deals and events going. It's only a flat $5 fee per order to get your layouts shipped to you. AND one of the best things is that their customer service can't be beat. They want your prints to satisfy you and they will help you to do that in any way they can!

So I HIGHLY recommend PERSNICKETY PRINTS! Please check them out - you won't be sorry!

Persnickety Prints!

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